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Illinois Excessive Force Defense Lawyers

Some of the most widely publicized police misconduct cases allege the use of excessive force. Many of these cases have been handled by The Sotos Law Firm because our Chicago area excessive force defense attorneys have a reputation among the toughest defenders of law enforcement professionals in the business.

These cases often involve public opinion as much as fact and our lawyers know how to manage the message while getting to the root of the claim. We understand how tough it is to do your job on a good day, let alone when circumstances arise requiring the use of force to protect yourself, the general public or even individuals from themselves. And that all too often decisions regarding the use of force need to be made in the blink of an eye.

Illinois Police Misconduct Attorneys

In police brutality defense cases involving serious physical injury or death, the question is often whether the use of force was reasonable under the circumstances. Those circumstances often require an aggressive response from law enforcement. For example, in one case our attorneys tried in 2011, Livingston v. McDevitt, No. 09 C 7725, the jury found the officers not guilty of excessive force in connection with the orbital fracture the plaintiff received while fleeing a police pursuit. In another case we recently tried, McCann v. Nielsen, the jury found that a police officer acted justifiably in shooting an assailant in the chest after it appeared to the officer that the man was about to attack him with a spiked object.

Most excessive force cases can be won once a careful review of the incident reveals that a reasonable, even aggressive use of force, was necessary, often because the officer had to make a split-second decision to respond to a dangerous confrontation. We are also experts in identifying excessive force cases which need to be promptly resolved without a trial where it appears that, in the heat of the moment, an officer’s use of force may have crossed the line between reasonable and unreasonable. It’s difficult for someone who does not put his or her life on the line every day to comprehend the actions required and the training involved in making decisions under such extreme stress. We take pride in our ability to educate juries about the realities of police work in a way which has resulted in our unmatched record of success at trial in excessive force lawsuits.

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