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Internal Investigations — Respond Promptly, Appropriately and Decisively

Accusations of employee or other official misconduct require public entities and private sector companies alike to act promptly and decisively to determine the truth, manage the message, and ensure appropriate steps are taken to eliminate further risks posed by an accused wrongdoer.

Conducting internal investigations on behalf of government agencies and private companies is a very specialized area of practice, and our firm has extensive experience conducting these critical investigations. We understand the importance of a thorough internal investigation and can advise your organization precisely on how to respond both privately and publicly to claims of misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to financial malfeasance.

As experienced litigators, we are extremely effective at getting to the truth and identifying legal issues requiring your attention. We will construct an investigation plan specific to the client’s needs and the issues at hand, including gathering all documentation, conducting interviews, preparing a report with recommendations and findings, drafting press releases, and assisting with evidence preservation.