A Firm You Can Rely On In Complex Cases

Wrongful Prosecution/Reversed Conviction

The Sotos Law Firm is the premier defense litigation firm for alleged wrongful convictions. These cases are typically filed after a criminal defendant has successfully had his or her conviction reversed, seeking damages for the entire duration of their incarceration. Our documented success in defending reversed conviction cases has garnered national attention, expanding our client base throughout the Country.

We leave no stone unturned.

With decades of experience litigating cases stemming from an alleged wrongful prosecution or conviction, we are intimately familiar with the challenges associated with these cases. We know that understanding the truth of what occurred is critical to evaluating the case, but figuring out what happened is often complicated by the age of the case. Our superior investigation skills overturn every stone to locate witnesses, scrutinize the evidence, and ascertain the truth.

Collaboration is key.

Reversed conviction cases present complex issues that often require the retention of experts to testify on issues such as police practices, DNA, fire science, fingerprint evidence, gang crimes, forensic pathology, and false confessions. With a three-decade deep rolodex of experts at the top of their respective fields, we have the relationships and knowledge necessary to properly master whatever issue your case may present.

We shape and master the law.

The area of law governing reversed conviction cases is complex and continually evolving. We pride ourselves on our mastery of the law. We have also helped shape the law through successful appellate litigation which has developed favorable precedent for our clients, having litigated cases at every stage of appeal including before the United States Supreme Court.

We know that reversed conviction litigation presents unique challenges and often unprecedented exposure for our government clients, and we are here to advocate for you.