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Constitutional litigation and Section 1983 Defense

The Sotos Law Firm has unparalleled experience representing government agencies and officials in constitutional litigation brought pursuant to Section 1983 including cases involving elected officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, and many other government officials and entities. Our experience in constitutional litigation covers a broad range of issues including Monell, election law, employment relationships, school law, First Amendment challenges, Fifth Amendment protections, excessive force, unlawful search and seizure, Due Process, Equal Protection, and the Eighth Amendment.

We do not just represent public officials—many of us once were public servants. Our team of attorneys brings a wide array of experience handling cases at all levels of local government including city, county, and statewide. This experience informs our practice and offers a unique ability to relate to our clients and effectively guide them through the litigation process.

Constitutional litigation is complex, often highly publicized, and can create significant exposure for public agencies. For those named individually, the exposure is not only monetary but reputational. We understand firsthand how critical it is for our clients to have advocates who can provide the necessary experience to navigate these claims. Our skilled attorneys assist government agencies and officials in evaluating these claims and determining the best course of defense.