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Illinois Correctional Facility Defense Lawyers

Defense of correctional facilities is another area in which The Sotos Law Firm has extensive experience. These cases usually involve an inmate or class of inmates claiming some form of mistreatment or neglect, and require an aggressive and firm response. We have successfully litigated a broad range of allegations raised by inmates, ranging from claims about the conditions of confinement to the adequacy of responses to inmate grievances. We also have extensive experience regarding claims of inadequate provision of medical care, including deaths in custody.

Our lawyers have the comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and state regulations necessary to defend these cases successfully. Further, claims brought against correctional facilities require a particularly aggressive defense where a plaintiff identifies as "witnesses" other inmates whose testimony must be scrutinized and often challenged. Our lawyers have been working with Illinois correctional facilities on such cases for many years, and we fully understand, and are able to persuasively articulate, the
administrative burdens and security concerns which can lead to such claims

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