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Land Use

Parties who are dissatisfied by a municipality's land use decisions, such as the issuance of zoning variances or permits, sometimes challenge those decisions as unlawful. The Sotos Law Firm regularly defends municipalities who are sued over land use issues. Usually, these lawsuits involve Illinois state law claims brought under tort law or the Administrative Review Act, and/or federal claims alleging an unlawful taking or the denial of procedural due process, substantive due process, or equal protection. Many of these cases can be barred on procedural grounds, such as a failure to exhaust all required state law administrative procedures, or by the Illinois Tort Immunity Act. Sometimes, a case can be resolved using skillful negotiations aimed at addressing the substantive issues underlying the land use decision itself. The Sotos Law Firm is experienced in successfully handling such claims.

If you or your municipality has been sued for a land use issue, contact the experienced attorneys at The Sotos Law Firm; we can help you assess and defend the case effectively, efficiently and economically.

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