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Illinois Independent Investigations

Internal Investigations — Respond Promptly, Appropriately and Decisively

Accusations of employee misconduct require both public entities and private sector companies alike to act promptly and decisively to determine the truth, manage the message and ensure appropriate steps are taken to eliminate further risks posed by an accused wrongdoer. Conducting internal investigations on behalf of government agencies and private companies is a very specialized area of practice, and our firm has extensive experience conducting these critical investigations. We will advise your organization precisely how to respond both privately and publicly to claims of employee misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to financial malfeasance, and understand the importance of a thorough internal investigation focused on promptly determining the truth of an accusation.

Our clients are experienced and respected professionals, and when adverse publicity becomes inevitable it is essential to select a law firm well versed in handling the media attention certain cases generate. The Sotos Law Firm has a clear understanding of the necessity of managing the message surrounding your case from the beginning. After all, your reputation is at stake and not just in the court of law but also in the court of public opinion.

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