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Illinois Employment Defense Lawyers

Lawsuits and administrative charges by employees are all too common these days. The Sotos Law Firm, P.C. represents management in employment-related litigation. We stand ready to assert all the defenses afforded employers by law, and we further concentrate on the special defenses afforded municipal employers in Illinois under the Tort Immunity Act.

Our practice encompasses both the public and the private sector for large and small employers. We have broad and deep litigation experience at the administrative, trial and appellate levels which ranges from defending companies in class actions brought by the EEOC to defending individual employee claims of sexual harassment, racial and sexual discrimination, as well as age and disability discrimination. We have extensive experience defending First Amendment cases brought by public employees alleging they were retaliated against for their political beliefs and activities, or for speaking out publicly on matters of public concern, such as racial profiling or government corruption. Most recently, we were successful at the appellate level in securing the dismissal of a municipal employee's claims of bias and favoritism in a municipal employer's promotion practices.

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